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South Africa NDP Vision 2030

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In your Assessment what is your Level of Confidence that the National Development Plan (NDP Vision 2030) Aspirations are still achievable? What are the specific areas that need to be strengthened and what specifically needs to be done to strengthen the NDP 

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One of the Areas that need Improvement on the NDP Vision 2030 is Strategic Risk Insights to inform Strategic Planning and reshaping of the NDP not only to focus on the present and erading Social Development Backlong inheritted from the Apartheid Regime but also to anticipate the furure and build future resilient Strategic Plans. In 2019 we started a series of conversations on what Strategic Risk Scenarios should we anticipate in the next 10 Years as South africa and should they materialise they will either positively or negatively impact the achievement of the NDP Vision 2030 Aspirations. 

It was refreshing to get thoughts from Youth in particular on what they anticipate will be Strategic Risks in the next 10 Years that should provide Policy Makers and other Decision Makers with Foresights on what needs to be done to achieve the Future we all desire. These engagements which resulted in the development of the NDP Vision 2030 Risk Radar Report which was then presented to the National Planning Commission Officials on the 12th of June 2021 followed with an Official Publication in of the Report in October 2021.

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