RiskForesights.COM Article Guidelines


Africa Strategic (Politics, Economic, Societal, Technology, Legal and Natural Environment) Trends in the next 3 – 5 Years and Strategic Risks Anticipated


The Research has to be done within the context of Africa Agenda 2063 Aspirations, Strategic Objectives and Milestones


The abstract should briefly introduce your article and citations should not be included in the abstract.


The Introduction should provide context to your article and should be your 1st Heading. When putting together the introduction please use simple and plain English Language to ensure non – experts can relate and understand.

Main Body of The Article

The Body is where you will explain your research Methodology (e.g. Desktop Literature Review, Interviews, Surveys etc) and interprets data of one’s research. Please follow the Tempate Structure.


When you are citing sources, the citations should be in a numbered format and all references given in the reference list should be cited in the body of the article


Fugures must be submitted in high resolution. Make sure your figures are numbered accordingly.


All Tables must be in potrait orientation.

To reuse figures and tables that have already been published elsewhere to need to have permission from the copyright owner (s).

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Spell out acronyms at 1st use with the abbreviation following in parenthesis.

Appendices and Nomenclature

Place appendix and nomenclature before Reference list

Conclusion (s)

It is recommended to include a conclusion articulating improvement opportunities in terms of how the Risks Anticipated can be Optimised or Exploited.


The Acknowledgement Section includes the names of people or institutions who in some way contributed to your article

Conflict of Interest

If you have any conflict of interest please declare them. If there is no conflict of interest please insert the text “The Authors have no conflict of Interest to Declare”


The Reference List should contain at least Three References and arranged in Alphabetical Order

Length of Your Article

Between 11 and 21 Pages

Submission Format

Word Document