South Africa Municipalities Capacity Building and Collaborative Strategic Planning Initiative

Data Informed Decision Making, Making Better Decisions and Delivering Better Outcomes

The Digital Knowledge and Data Management Platform that harvests Developmental Focused Data, Strategic Trends, Risk Management Insights and Foresights to drive Service Delivery, Inclusive, Sustainable and Risk Resilient Economic Development.

The Platform will act as a Digital Library Knoledge Hub, offering key resources that can support municipalities with Data Analytics, Planning, Executions, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting. Resources and tools, such as thought leadership publications, reports articles, webinars, and audio files, lessons learned, frequently asked questions. The Platform offers the space for citizens to share best practice knowledge and for members of the community to engage with their municipalities as well as have easy access to Municipalities Planning Documents, Monitoring and Evalution Reports as well as provide feedback on Service Delivery Issues.

It links and integrates local Governement Municipalities, Communities and National Government Departments to facilitate Knowledge Sharing, Learning, Integrated and Collaborative Development Planning, Local Economic Development Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Funding, Service Delivery to drive Economic Growth and Job Creation.

Public Sector Data Analytics to Inform Decision Making and Strategic Planning
Global Plans
Regulatory Framework and Policies
National Government Plans
Strategic Planning and Risk Management Academy
Municipalities Medium Term and Short Term Plans
Public Sector Strategic Planning and Integrated Risk Management Resources Centre
Disaster and Crisis Management Resource Centre
Insurance Resources Centre
Municipality Frequently Asked Questions